I have had some people ask me what microphone I am using on my iphone for the videos that I shoot.

When I first got my iPhone 3GS , it came with a microphone that actually works really great for those of you who don't need to do much video work, but if you want to do higher quality audio you will need to invest in a higher quality microphone.

Where is the microphone on iPhone 12

The microphone on the iPhone is located in the bottom left hand corner under where the ring would be, its also pretty easy to see if you are looking for it.

If you are using an external microphone with your iphone 3GS it will plug into the headphone jack at the top of your phone. There is no adapter needed with this, I plugged in my iphone earbuds directly into the external mic, but you could also plug it in using a splitter cable if it is a stereo mic.

I have been asked several times about what microphone I use for this and there are actually 2 options. First one being the iRig Mic Cast from IK Multimedia. It works really great and it is a directional mic which means you point the end of the little swivel dot toward your mouth at all times, that way its picking up less background noise.

Types of microphones

It also comes with a little foam cover that you can put on it for wind and this is my favorite piece of the mic, because it really does make a big difference. I also like its small size and how easy it is to travel with. The iRig Mic Cast was one of my favorite pieces of equipment before I started blogging and you can check out my full video review of it here .

Another one that I use is the iRig Pro from IK Multimedia. This mic is a little bulkier because it comes with a 1/4" adapter so that you can put it on your camera or microphone stand and have more flexibility in how you place it. It also has the option to add a mic clip so you can add it to any standard camera tripod.

The audio quality is really good and if I had space in my camera bag, I probably would take this one everywhere with me. If you want to check out my full video review of that microphone you can do that here .

iPhone microphone apps

The only other thing you will need is a microphone app for your iphone, if you are using the smart phone adapter. I use RecForge II from Boulanger Labs and it works great. There are several different ones out there, but this one records in what is considered a lossless format which means that you won't lose any audio quality in the compression of your video.

Recording audio with an iPhone

Here is a video that I did about recording audio for iPhone videos, so if you are more visual than just reading information on the subject , you might find this helpful. If not check back soon and I will be doing another blog post with all of my equipment so that way you can see what I use for each project.

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That's all the information I have for you about iphone microphones and some apps that you can use to record audio on your phone. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below . If this has been helpful to you please subscribe, like and share my blog. Thank You!